About us

Dr. Jaikaran has a specialty in manufacturing oral care products and is one of the largest exporters of a wide range of high quality oral hygiene solutions. At Dr. Jaikaran, we believe in running a responsible enterprise where oral care, which forms an integral part of health care also gets to be a basic element in one's overall well being. Over the years we have emerged to be one of the most preferred enterprises, offering quality oral care products in different formulations of Medicines (Pharma), Ayurvedic / Herbal as well as Cosmetics.

With an advanced in-hosuse R&D facility, Dr. Jaikaran developed one of the most premium herbal toothpaste brand called Herbodent Premium, technologically advanced toothbrushes and mouthwashes in all possible categories to fulfill the needs and liking of the end users. The products researched and developed in the most technologically advanced manufacturing facilities of Dr.Jaikaran have been highly appreciated for their unique compositions, natural freshness and acceptable tastes to suit the needs of the new age consumers.



" Since I began using your Herbodent toothpaste, I've had the best checkups that I've ever had. The person who cleans my teeth is very impressed with my gums and has begun using Herbodent herself and is recommending it to her other patients."
--W.Kivi,Yarmouth Port, MA

" I can't believe it but after less than a month, my gums are not bleeding. I was using another product from the dentist's office and it did not help at all, but your toothpaste really, really worked for me. I am very happy! I am going to need a lifetime's supply!"